rd.3 @ lasvegas

My sincere apologies for being overly tardy on this write up. During our trip to Las Vegas, the car did not perform at 100% but I’ll go into that shortly.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Clint Boisdeau and Midnight Squad for their hospitality during our stay.

I’ll start things off on Saturday. We arrived to Las Vegas Motor Speedway a little after Noon to check in, get through tech inspection, and mainly to get a general feel for what the track is like. Being that my car was not touched since the Buttonwillow event one month prior, we passed inspection no problem. Oh, except for one thing… My front splitter somehow grew one inch at two the corners. Didn’t know trees could grow after they were cut down. So we borrowed a Leatherman pocket tool from our friend of Midnight Squad and sawed down the edges to spec and we were off on our merry way.

Since I was only signed up for one day of driving, I asked AJ Latteri, driver of the beautifullest white Lotus Exige ever, to get behind the wheel of my car while I rode along. He showed me certain corners to caution. After a couple of laps just putting around, I told him to smash on it and go fast. It was then that we felt something was not right with the car. As revs climbed up past 6000, a massive dip in power during cam change was easily felt. Immediate speculation is the elevation in which we were in so we concluded we’ll retard the timing and fill up with 100 octane.

Later that night, myself, girlfriend Cristina, and AJ met up for dinner at the Wynn Hotel Buffet. So we pulled up to the valet corral in the racecar and handed the keys to a complete stranger, then off to food we went. Quite a selection of food, and it was about as close to heaven you could possibly get. AJ was accompanied by 2 people I’ve not met before. Dang and Christian. Christian drives a Lexus IS-F and was competing in Enthusiast class that weekend. It was a blast meeting with them. About 2 hours later, we finished our dinner and headed outside to pick up our cars. We hand our tickets to the valet and walked to the waiting area then…

… Yah. My car parked in front, away from the “other” cars. MUIAHAAHAHA.

Goodnight, and good morning! Our day at the track started at 7:30 with the typical drivers meeting. Let’s skip this part and go to our first practice. I’ll just say this. Even with the temperature being a cool 70 degrees, the car still ran like crap and it got me extremely frustrated. We even borrowed some octane booster from Jeff Tyler and it didn’t improve much. So hell with it. 1:56 lap times ALL DAY. With that said, here’s a video I put together from the sessions throughout the day.