Just Drift 2012 Season Kick-off!

Just a few weeks ago, I brought the MR-S to Alex at Battle Version to have a bunch of last minute things ready for the upcoming drifting season. He did an amazing job getting the roll cage fabricated. We went with a FD legal cage with some additional kickers as well as parallel door bars. Many cages I have seen leave a lot to be begged for, but this one came to be an exception.  In addition, Alex was brave enough to modify the factory steering knuckles on my car, allowing it to have a little bit above 45 degrees of lock.

With the newly added provision installed, it was hard to fight the itch when Just Drift announced a pre-season open test event. When I first got onto the track, I immediately noticed the steering sensitivity had increased dramatically. I’m pretty sure road racing with the shortened knuckles would be a challenge. I took a couple of turns sideways which took a few tries to become familiar with. It was a bit scary at the beginning, but as I began to trust the car more, the added steering angle really became noticeable. Getting sideways and not spinning out as easily was one of the most exciting sensations I’ve felt driving this car for a long time.

I began to feel the car a lot more. I think this also had something to do with the new Battle Version rear arms. The response under braking and acceleration was immediate, allowing for full driver control. Every bump and groove in the road was felt in my body. The roll cage helped tie in all the sections of the chassis and transferred weight around even more directly. It was noted that the front right wheel actually lifted off the ground on some turns.

And here is a video my friend Cody Chan put together for me.



Learned a lot from the event from all the helpful people there. I’ll be back soon with some more excitement.