she lives again!

Back in November, the engine in my MR-S had a piston catastrophically grenade itself into┬áthousands of little pieces. Since then, it had been sitting in the garage collecting dust and waiting for another… Continue reading

trackday @ SOW nov.7

it’s been a few months since i last brought the racecar out to a proper track for some spirited driving. since the beginning of the year, i’ve been stuck running redline time attack… Continue reading

#racecar t minus 5 days, liberty grand prix

5 days til race starting with zero progress.

rd.4 @ fontana

At round 4 in Fontana, Team KINOD took on the challenge of a NASCAR track. Still dealing with the stress carried over from the Las Vegas event, the paddock was a bit more… Continue reading

rd.3 @ lasvegas

My sincere apologies for being overly tardy on this write up. During our trip to Las Vegas, the car did not perform at 100% but I’ll go into that shortly. Firstly, I’d like… Continue reading

rd.1 @ buttonwillow

This past weekend marked the beginning of Redline Time Attack’s 2010 season at Buttonwillow, CA. We headed up on Friday night with Chris of V/T Engineering and his entourage and rested at a… Continue reading

Kenny Chieu’s 2010 RTA campaign

I’m proud to announce for the 2010 Redline Time Attack season, I’ll be partnering with KINOD Collective as the title sponsor for my Toyota MR-S. We’ve been in talks for the past several… Continue reading